At Toongabbie Christian College, we are committed to preparing students to live full and effective lives as members of the body of Christ.

The College is registered and accredited with the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA). We present the curriculum through a Biblical Worldview perspective that challenges each student to grow in their Christian faith.

Christian Education

What has resonated with the multiple generations of families who have chosen our College for their children, is that Christian education is not a subject to be studied – it is woven into everything that we do.

At Toongabbie Christian College, we see our students as indviduals with God-given gifts and talents – and it is our desire to help them uncover and explore them. The result of our unique integration of home, church and school is a learning environment where each child is known as an individual from a multi-dimensional perspective, giving our staff valuable insight into how best to support them to pursue both academic and personal excellence.

Education is all about the relationship between knowledge, learning and living life. The fundamental question to providing an effective education is “What does it mean to live a truly human life?”

A Christian education holds out an alternative narrative to the surrounding culture and is firmly anchored in the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a transforming vision for life that is about wholeness, expressed in right relationships with the Lord, oneself and others.

“All the kids are treated like family – it’s a feeling that goes beyond special days like birthdays or even at church. The great thing is that sense of community when we see other families.”

Toongabbie Christian College is a Christ-centred learning community, shaped by Biblical truth and led by the Spirit of God. Here, students can belong and be transformed in every part of their lives. We strive to grow young people who develop spiritually, socially, intellectually, physically and academically.

Our educational program not only focuses on core literacy and numeracy, but is holistic; integrating truth and faith, academia, community, service and co-curricular programs. We intentionally create purposeful and creative learning environments to promote the development of students’ gifts.

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