Our College prepares students to live full and effective lives as members of the body of Christ.

Toongabbie Christian College is registered and accredited with the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA). As such, the college must meet the curriculum requirements of NESA. Our curriculum is prepared and presented from a Biblical Worldview and students are encouraged to view all that they learn from a Christian perspective.

Christian Education

The nature of education and the measurement of its success is being reduced to the quality of student performance in national examinations. Students are not economic units and education is not a commodity. This is a reductionist view of personhood.

Education is all about the relationship between knowledge, learning and living life. The question fundamental to providing an effective education is, “What does it mean to live a truly human life?’

A Christian education holds out an alternative narrative to the surrounding culture and is firmly anchored in the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a transforming vision for life that is about wholeness expressed in right relationships with the Lord, oneself and others.

Toongabbie Christian College is a Christ-centred learning community which is shaped by Biblical truth and led by the Spirit of God. Here, students can belong and be transformed in every part of their lives. In partnership with our families and their churches, our goal is the development of the whole person in community with others, exercising their gifts in the service of the Lord.

We strive to grow young people who develop spiritually, socially, intellectually, physically and academically.

The teaching and learning that occurs is a core part of assisting students to learn to live well. It not only focuses on core literacy and numeracy, but the Toongabbie Christian College educational program is holistic; integrating truth and faith, academic, community, service and the co-curricular program. Purposeful and creative learning environments promote the development of students’ gifts.

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