Enrolment Documents Required

  • One Enrolment Application form for each child.
  • One Pastor’s Reference for each family.
  • A copy of each child’s Birth Certificate or Passport.
  • A copy of the student’s latest school report, if applicable.
  • A signed (Primary or Secondary) Cybersafety Use Agreement form.
  • Prior to enrolment we require a copy of the child’s Immunisation Certificate.


On receipt of the above documents, each family is contacted in order to organise an interview date / time with the Principal.

Interviews are held approximately each fortnight, over an afternoon and evening, although morning interviews are available on some days. Interviews usually take 30-45 minutes.

Please bring your children to the interview (if possible) – the Principal prefers to meet each child for whom an application is made.

Letter of Offer / Acceptance

Following the interview, parents will be advised of one of the following –

  • Students meet the enrolment criteria, a position is available, and an offer of enrolment is made for the grade / year applied for.
    • These families are asked to sign an Acceptance Form, and to pay a non-refundable Enrolment Acceptance Fee of $850 within approximately 3-4 weeks of the letter of offer. This is only paid when a new family starts at TCC.
  • Students meet the enrolment criteria but at the time of interview there is no position available in the grade / year applied for. Students are then placed in a “waiting pool”, and offered places as soon as they become available.
  • Students do not meet the enrolment criteria and are advised in writing that they will be not offered a position.

Placement Interviews

Kindergarten Students

  • Children who have been offered a place in Kindergarten are invited to a Placement Interview in August/September prior to commencement. Parents/carers and child meet with the Head of Junior Primary or a Kindergarten Teacher, who spends about 20 minutes with the child, going through some simple activities.

Students in Years 1-6

  • These children are invited to an interview with the Head of Junior Primary or Head of Senior Primary, prior to commencement. This interview and tour of the school takes about 30 minutes, and gives the opportunity to get to know the child, and determine the best class placement for them. The Head of Junior Primary or Head of Senior Primary also spends some time with the parent/carer.

Students in Years 8-12

  • These students are invited to an interview with the Director of Students (7-9) or Director of Students (10-12), prior to commencement. This interview and tour of the school takes about 30 minutes. During this time, subjects/electives are chosen and issues relevant to Secondary students are discussed.


Parents are notified about the date and time of commencement, and given details about Uniform Shop opening dates, textbook or other requirements, and a College Handbook.

Late Enrolments

Please note that the enrolment process is the same for families who submit their applications during school vacation periods. Students cannot commence until all documents have been provided, families have had their interview with the Principal, and students have had their Placement Interview.

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