Educational Support

At Toongabbie Christian College we recognise that each student has different giftings and abilities and must be treated accordingly. Consequently, this applies to all students with specific needs: Gifted and Talented, and students with a range of disabilities and language needs.

We aim to differentiate for each pupil’s needs in the following ways:

  • In Years 7 -10 we have an Advanced Learners’ class and mixed-ability classes
  • Our teachers implement a range of pedagogies including Bloom’s Taxonomy, Contract Learning, Multiple Intelligence, “Emotional Intelligence” and explicit teaching methods
  • Before students begin at Toongabbie Christian College we carefully read their reports and note their achievements to prepare for their start in the Secondary School
  • If the student is currently at Toongabbie Christian College, we will liaise with the Primary School

Gifted and Talented students have a variety of opportunities. Each faculty has a range of extension and enrichment programs and experiences. External examinations in English, Mathematics, Science, Computing and Geography are regularly entered. Students in our Secondary Band are involved in eisteddfods. Students who are identified with exceptional ability have the opportunity to be accelerated in one or more curriculum areas.

  • We encourage you to make an appointment to speak with our Deputy Principal Secondary to discuss particular educational needs
  • Class Teachers, Educational Support Teachers and Learning Support Officers provide educational support for students
  • Staff support students who have difficulties with English language acquisition. Services range from one-to-one tuition to small group lessons
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