Our College Library is a beautifully appointed learning space in the centre of the College with a dynamic collection of resources reflecting the interests of our students and the diversity of the curriculum. The Library plays a vital role in student learning and wellbeing. It is a place that buzzes with energy as students use books and technology to inquire, explore, wonder and discover.

We have an extensive range of print and online resources. These include picture books, graphic novels, magazines and fiction and non fiction for primary and secondary students. Our Young Adult fiction collection is organised by genre to increase ease of access and assist our secondary students to make informed decisions based on their interests and reading levels. The Library provides access to World Book Online and a wide range of educational databases through the State Library of NSW and the National Library in Canberra. Students have access to these through the Library website.

Flexible learning spaces throughout our Library provide for whole class, small group, collaborative and individual learning needs. Our reading garden encourages quiet reflection and is a welcoming reading space for our students.

Students in K-6 have a timetabled lesson in the library each week with the Teacher Librarian or their classroom teacher. Primary students should bring their College library bag to borrow during this time. Secondary students have regular English wide reading lessons in the Library. Our Library staff work with all staff and students, giving advice and individual assistance, guiding them as they investigate units of inquiry, complete learning tasks and develop reading interests.

Students in Kindergarten – Year 9 are encouraged to complete the NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge.

Bookclub is available to primary students and distributed regularly throughout the year. Purchasing books through Bookclub promotes reading and earns points for the College, greatly assisting us to provide valuable library resources for our students.

Parents are encouraged to visit the Library before and after school with their children. Additional books may be borrowed for their children during these times. Our parent collection supports positive Christian parenting, individual wellbeing and healthy family life. Parents are welcome to browse and borrow from this collection.

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